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Canadian Platinum Carbon "Lines" series iec power cord

LINE IEC power cord

Retail price: USD 1799

• Atmospheric sound, loose volume, the high and wide extension of low-frequency

• Canadian Platinum Carbon Lines "Lines" series power cord



Product Description:

  • With perfect detail reduction 

  • Able to match any top-level equipment and release the equipment's potential

  • Enhance dynamic with a great sense of rhythm, balance, and detail

  • Introduce new kinetic energy and life into the original ordinary music

It is extremely solid and solid, and the components are composed of very strong anti-electromagnetic and seismic capabilities. Such comprehensive characteristics are unique in the high-end audio industry.




• The unique multi-inductance weaving method completely removes the noise in the current and greatly improves the reduction degree

• Structure of metal crystals pushed to perfection

• Use the top special alloy wire (Solid Alloy), which is better than silver and pure copper as the wire base

• Carbon material is added to the wire body to eliminate static interference

• Extra thick damping material absorb vibration


Product Specifications:

Length: 2M / US 15 A

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